Daily Photo – Stephanie All Done

The Daily Photo series focuses on the two or three key creative choices, in terms of composition and processing, that go into creating an image.  Specific technical details about the shot have been left out — you won’t hear me talking about tone curve adjustments and whatnot unless it was a key component of the end result.

Stephanie rests at the end of a long shoot.


  • Shutter:  1/125
  • Aperture:  f/1.4
  • ISO:  800
  • Camera:  Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III
  • Lens:  Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM

Composition and Processing

  • Steph and I had been shooting for a couple hours at this point, and this is the second to last sequence of the shoot.  I’d taken so many shots with her hair getting tossed around that by this point it was pretty frazzled.  We’d gone through a number of poses in this spot without much luck, so when I told her to take a break for a moment, she relaxed into a pose similar to what you see here.  From there it was just tweaking:  making the pose symmetrical;  lining it up off center; getting her to slouch a bit more;  bringing the hair forward.  The arms look a little goofy, but they complement the vertical lines that lead to the face and her completely drained expression.
  • I used Nik’s bleach bypass filter, which gave the whole scene a more yellowish cast.  The background was already that color to begin with, but the filter kind of glued everything together and made Steph part of the scene.  That is, instead of the rocks being background material, they’re almost part of the subject now that they’re closer in color (the shallow depth of field helps too, since the rocks and Steph are the only things in focus).


April 26 2009 04:33 pm | Photography

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